About Us


StarVista Live is a division of Direct Holdings Global, a company with a diverse portfolio of brands and products. Direct Holdings Global brands include Time Life, StarVista Live, Lifestyle Products Group, KitchenTek, and C4G Holdings.

How we do it

StarVista LIVE is a leader in luxury themed cruises. We combine the expertise of Time Life, a leading multi-channel, classic entertainment marketing company, with the best on board logistics and production expertise.

We create unique artist interactive experiences that bring fans together to relive their favorite moments, create new memories, and enjoy unparalleled access to the superstar artists with live performances in intimate settings.

We sail full ship luxury 5 star charters on Celebrity Cruise Line and Holland America Cruise Line. With 18 “themed” music cruises in 8 years we have served over 36,000 passionate loyal guests.

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P: +1 (800) 222-4214